TermiteMansion V12 8 Pack

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The TERMITEMANSION V12 is a product that is designed to wipe out termite colonies completely and remove the threat of termite attack from that colony forever.  In combination with Extender Pod plus Easy Termite Bait plus water, there is no other product as effective.

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TermiteMansion V12 Eight Pack

With Detailed TermiteMansion V12 Instruction Manual.

This pack is purchased to replace existing TermiteMansion V12 after treatment or to add to existing ones already purchased.

Termite Control with TermiteMansion V12 and non-toxic growth inhibitor termite bait is the only method to completely remove the threat of termites for good.

If you are purchasing to protect a home, we recommend at least 24 TermiteMansion V12 are purchased OR if you are protecting a home with termites in the area, we recommend the Complete Home System. is purchased


1 review for TermiteMansion V12 8 Pack

  1. Katrina

    Termites love it!

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