User Manual

Abbreviated version, please contact us for complete detailed version prior to use of QueenKiller Termite Bait DIY.

QueenKiller™(termite bait diy) is used in one of TWO methods

The FIRST method of using QueenKiller™ is when you have termites in a solid timber structure that is firmly attached to the ground (like your home). In this method the sachet is attached directly to active termites within timber via the Attachment Device. This exclusive method guarantees colony elimination by maintaining consistent and long term feeding of termite bait diy.

  1. Mix contents of sachet (100g) with 200ml of clean filtered water using zip lock seal to add. Reseal sachet and shake contents until lumpy consistency is achieved.
  2. A small hole (5mm) with pen knife is made into termite active timber.
  3. Insert straw (supplied) snuggly into hole.
  4. Place double sided patch (supplied) over straw sticking to timber.
  5. Add bead of adhesive/ sealant (supplied) around patch.
  6. Cut small hole (5mm) in sachet with sharp scissors.
  7. Align hole in sachet with straw in active timber and carefully place sachet over straw and push until sachet and patch join together.
  8. Add strong gaffer tape to firmly attach sachet to surrounds.
  9. QueenKiller™ should be inspected every 2 weeks and additional bait added via zip seal as it is consumed.Termite Bait DIY

The SECOND method of using QueenKiller™ is in the TermiteMansion™ monitor when they become active with termites. In this method the QueenKiller™ is emptied into the inner chamber with termites. This patented and also exclusive method also guarantees colony elimination by providing a feeding chamber to maintain feeding while outside conditions are constantly changing.

  1. Once termites have been found in the inner chamber of the TermiteMansion™, open the clear lid and gentle tip termite bait diy(made up with water) around timber insert, allowing enough room so lid can be returned without compressing bait.
  2. Maintain Bait every 2 weeks to observe consumption, allowing bait to drop below 1/4 of original before adding more bait.
  3. When no termites are observed and it is expected that colony elimination has occurred, add clean bait.
  4. If still no activity has been observed, and new bait is still clean, leave a further 4 weeks until confirming Colony Elimination.

Once enough QueenKiller is eaten and the queen is dead, consumption will slow as the Queen isn’t replacing her workers, eventually nothing will have been eaten between check-up visits.

QueenKiller (Termite Bait DIY) is 100% Safe for humans and the whole family. Even your pets are safe from this Scientifically Developed Solution, which is deadly to the Termite Queen.