You might find cheaper, you will find more expensive but you will not find better. The ONLY system that meets the four requirements of 100% termite colony eradication.

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Safe Termite Treatment

Most alternatives require ‘experts’, however termite eradication can be easily and safely done by the homeowner using the ‘Complete Home System’.

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safe termite treatment
QueenKiller with pod

QueenKiller™ with Pod

Already have termites in a timber structure. Then start treating directly with Treatment Pod plus QueenKiller™ for safe termite treatment.

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Safe Termite Treatment Developed by Scientists, Refined by Termite Experts

Termite Scientists have been agreeing for over 30 years that termite monitoring and baiting was the future in safe termite treatment and the only method to completely remove the threat for good. However many scientists have also argued that monitors can and should be improved. The TermiteMansion™V10  and Extender Pod plus QueenKiller™ is leading the way. Firstly identify risky termites outside your home. As the TermiteMansion™V10  offers the perfect environment and is the only system that will maintain termites long enough to treat the entire colony including the Queen. Using the non-hazardous QueenKiller™ plus Extender Pod.

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Scientifically Proven Safe Termite Treatment Results

Over the last 30 years, monitoring and baiting systems have become the preferred choice by professionals in treating termite pests. This is due to its success in long term protection of dwellings and the environment.

Many known design faults that were introduced with the technology still exist in other systems. Unless Termites have the correct environment maintained, suppression of colony rather than complete elimination occurs.

More than 90% of all urban damage is done by one or two indigenous termite species. This knowledge has been utilised in the superior design of the TermiteMansion™V10  system.

When it comes to safe termite treatment, monitoring and baiting systems are really the only option. They will identify any threats nearby and then safely kill the queen and colony completely before they ruin your home.

87% of homes show no visible sign of termites during a professional termite inspection after 5 years of attack.

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    Common Misconceptions

    We all know the internet is full of incorrect and conflicting information

    However independent scientific reviews are backing all our years of testing in the field. Our experts have decades of experience with Safe Termite Treatment. We use the latest knowledge and technology, refined and tested to ensure the safest removal of termites. Before we release any new product to the market we have already scientifically trialed it in the toughest of conditions. Therefore we standby our guarantee of 90 day money back, no questions asked if you are not 100% satisfied in your purchase.

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