The most effective Termite Treatment System in Australia

Termite Mansion is Australia’s premier termite treatment system: Protect your home and family against a costly infestation.


Australia’s simplest, most effective Termite Treatment System

Scientifically Developed, Refined by Experts. Easy to use. Safe for the whole family.

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Our best selling termite-treatment product.
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Remove termites for good with our DIY baiting system

Our DIY termite baiting system is developed with latest technology and thorough trials. Our scientists and experts have ensured that this is not only easy to use but the most effective system available.

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Termite Control Queen Killer

Queen Killer:Removes termites fast

If you find that you have termites around your home by using the Termite Mansion, then you are able to remove them using our scientifically proven Queen Killer bait.

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Developed by Scientists, Refined by Termite Experts

Our termite experts have been protecting Australian homes from these nasty pests for over 20 years.
They have now refined a scientifically proven termite treatment of removing infestation from your home.

Unlike other termite treatments, our do it yourself termite bait stations and monitors are specially made to attract the particular termite species that cause the most damage to timber. These species are drawn to dry timber and are extra sensitive to light, temperature and atmosphere change — the Termite Mansion offers the perfect environment and draws them in so that you can detect their presence near your home. Because they cause the most damage when left undetected, this allows you to notice the problem and apply our Queen Killer before it’s too late.

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Scientifically Proven Results Guaranteed

Over the last 15 years, monitoring and baiting systems have become the preferred choice by professionals in treating termite pests due to its success in long term protection of dwellings and the environment.

Many design faults that were introduced with the technology have now been discovered by scientists with their knowledge of ‘the hierarchy of stimuli’ that affect the termites’ foraging and feeding activity.

More than 90% of all urban damage is done by one or two indigenous species, so why treat and eliminate the other 300 plus species when it is now possible to isolate and treat only the damaging ones? This knowledge has been utilised in the superior design of the Termite Mansion system.

When it comes to termite bait stations, do it yourself systems are now a real option; they will identify any threats nearby and then you can kill the queen and colony yourself before it ruins your home.

87% of owners of Australian homes won’t even realise they have termites with any visual sign for over 5 years until it’s too late and costly damage has been done.


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Common Misconceptions

We all know the internet is full of incorrect information

Sometimes however you need to listen when independent reviews are saying these products are actually everything we say! Our experts have decades of experience with Termite Treatment. We use the latest knowledge and technology, refined and tested to ensure the safest removal of termites. Before we release any new product to the market we have already scientifically trialed it in the toughest of conditions against the best competition available. Therefore we standby our guarantee of money back, no questions asked if you are not 100% satisfied in your termite treatment purchase.

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