DIY Termite Treatment Starter Pack

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$250.00 inc. GST

The TermiteMansion™ V11 with Extender Pod and QueenKiller™is like no other system. The insulated system produces the ideal environment that termites prefer and encourages long term feeding. Treatment Pod with QueenKiller™has no peer in preference by termites.


DIY Termite Treatment Made Simple

If you are not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, return before 90 days for full refund.

This pack treats termites in localised area away from your home. If you have termites in or near your home purchase the Complete Home System.

The TermiteMansion™V11, unlike any other termite device, creates a negative thermal differential with its surrounding environment. Therefore, local termites are able to find the TermiteMansion™V11 within days of installation. Once inside the TermiteMansion™V11, the ideal conditions will hold the termites long enough to consume enough bait via Extender Pod to kill the queen and colony.

DIY Termite Treatment kit  treats active termites which are localised in fence or tree stump. To protect average sized home purchase the Complete Home System.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer 90 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

DIY Termite Treatment Starter pack includes:

MORE effective than any other DIY Termite Treatment System

The TermiteMansion™ V11 is designed with latest scientific knowledge on those termites which prefer dry timber (your home). TermiteMansion™ V11 are placed or embedded in the soil where termites are most likely to be found. Once active with termites, Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ is used. QueenKiller™is poison to termites but completely safe for us and our environment.

All other termite control systems work on either suppressing the colony or placing a barrier against termite entry.

The TermiteMansion™ V11 with Extender Pod and QueenKiller™ completely removes the termite threat from your property with a diy termite treatment for the home owner.

Locate only dangerous termites outside your home. Because the TermiteMansion™ V11 only targets those termites that attack your home.

The TermiteMansion™ V11 is the only system that will treat the entire colony and the Queen, using the non-hazardous QueenKiller™ with Treatment Pod.

Monitoring your TermiteMansion™ V11 is a very simple process. Via opening the lid to see if termites are there. This is done once every three months. The whole process for each TermiteMansion™ V11 takes less than 5 seconds / four times a year.

With easy to use instructions, diy termite treatment is now available for all.

7 reviews for DIY Termite Treatment Starter Pack

  1. Jim mckeeney

    Great system which is very easy to use and got rid of termites in my wood pile

  2. Ben Mcconnell

    All good, very easy use and had termites inside at first inspection! Also great follow up from questions emailed!

  3. Andrew from collayoy

    Yes I can recommend and have already to both my neighbours, because I have their termites in my mansions! Might do a letter box drop next and rid the whole street of the buggers.

  4. Katrina

    What a great DIY project, easy to use, Termites love this product, found lots of them eating this instead of my home!

  5. Sophie

    Fantastic product. Termite Control for Dummies. Happy customer.

  6. Joy Miller

    yes exactly what you say it is. Very easy to install and very easy to check. only problem is now I want some termites to treat but yes as you told me, not having any is good not bad. Peace of mind is brilliant

  7. Dave D

    Seriously easy to use. Have had another system for 2 years without any success, had termites in 3 monitors at first inspection.

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