Termite Poison AND Other Termite Misconceptions

Termite Poison and other termite misconceptions. Here we cover the most common ones around:

Top 5 common misconceptions about termites

Termites can be treated like common household pests with surface termite poison     
Termite Facts like this one cause problems in later correct treatment! They cannot be treated or removed with common fly sprays and termite poison sprays. If you have found Termites, don’t disturb them, you can NOT get rid of termites without killing the queen. You do this by getting her workers to feed her our specially formulated Easy Termite Bait, which is in fact not classified a poison and is classified as non-hazardous (but deadly to Termites). Simply attach our Treatment Pod plus water to the activity. Then they will feed this to the Termite Queen to kill her and prevent the colony from rejuvenating itself.
Subterranean Termites Live in our environment 
It is unlikely to ever see the termites that damage our homes as they live in a closed, high moisture environment in the ground and within timber and mud tubes in our homes. The environment that they like is very different to ours, yet they love timber, so they live in the ground building tunnels to timber. This makes it very hard to get termite poison to them without their help.
All Termites that eat at our homes will eat pieces of timber that have been in the ground for months in preference to our homes
The few species of termites that will enter your home have a preference for certain timber at certain conditions, we have replicated this environment and the timber in the TermiteMansion V12. The TermiteMansion V12 act as your monitors with specially made timber inserts as the food source. It is a misconception that inferior termite monitors that allow timber to get wet and mouldy will hold termites for treatment with termite poison
Termites are related to ants.
This is an old misconception. We now know that actually they are more closely related to cockroaches, however we all still refer to them as white ants. In addition, ant spray cannot be used as termite poison to kill the queen. 
They fly around between houses eating.
The winged termites you sometimes see are the young reproductive’s of a mature nest. Now to survive and start a new nest they need both moisture and food in the right condition together in order to start a new colony, these are conditions rarely found in your home.

And here are some more misconceptions

Termite Misconception that Termites will not occur if black ants are about.

Termites are at war with ants but have a number of very successful protection mechanisms allowing them to live in very close proximity to various ant species. In addition, termites can live in very close proximity to a termite poison spray barrier due to their very strong sense of smell and avoidance skill.

Termite Misconception that termites can be spread via firewood

In some very very rare cases, termites can be transferred if the Queen is present, and it is a very young nest. For example, we know of one case where an old ironbark post was stored outside and contained a queen and young colony, which then transferred a whole colony to a multi-million-dollar renovation.

Termite Misconception that Termites are tiny and can hardly be seen.

Subterranean termites are generally as big or bigger than common black ants.

Termite Misconception that Termites are completely white

Subterranean termites range in colour from opaque to white to dark brown depending on species and role in the colony.

Termites do not eat hardwood.

Subterranean termites have been found eating almost all timber including ironbark and variously treated timber. It is not a termite misconception that termites do have preferences for certain timbers at certain conditions, but this can vary greatly.