TermiteMansion™ V11 User Manual

The TermiteMansion™ V11 is a product that meets the Four Requirements of Termite Baiting to wipe out termite colonies completely and remove the threat of termite attack from that colony forever.  In combination with Extender Pod plus QueenKiller™ Termite Bait plus water, there is no other product as effective.

Abbreviated version, please contact us for complete detailed version with images prior to use

The TermiteMansion™ V11 is placed or buried at 3 to 5m intervals around your property to identify and treat those subterranean termites with the potential to damage timber structures.

Once inside, the TermiteMansion™ V11 offers a secure home where termites can protect themselves from their predators and the outside environment.

The TermiteMansion™ V11 starts to protect your home on installation and continues to work year after year with minimal service.

Back in 2004, Lois Elizabeth Swoboda, in a published study, showed that it was possible to direct subterranean termites foraging behavior. Swoboda, created a “spot” of cooler temperature (5 degrees Celsius) and showed that subterranean termites will leave an area of optimum temperature and travel to a cooler area seeking a potential food source. She also pleaded with the Termite Treatment Industry to investigate and improve monitoring devices. We took her advice and began our journey to invent the perfect termite monitor.

Note: Due to the risk of damage to every home by termites, it is recommended that regular (annual or more often in high risk properties) Termite Property Inspections to Australian Standard  AS3660.2 be performed by a qualified and experienced Pest Technician, and recommendations from the associated report commissioned. Proactive self-inspection is not a substitute for an experienced eye but is a useful addition.

  1. Based on published scientific papers, TermiteMansion™ V10 attracts termites from installation due to its thermal properties and condition of timber stake (large and firmly held, termites detect even larger than actual).
  2. Condition of timber stake not dependent on attracting termites. Dry Lid Timber acts as food source.
  3. Atmosphere, temperature and moisture controlled for ideal conditions. Termites can be found during inspection without disturbing termites in main body.
  4. No more loss of termites during inspection by breaking the entry mud tubes (Not Twist Lid).
  5. No more abandonment from common ant attack as termites enter sealed unit via eating their way in.
  6. Specifically designed for the subterranean termites that have a preference for dry timber (those that eat our homes), via lid timber.
  7. Lid Timber maintains ideal conditions for longer as away from moisture (up to a year)
  8. Lower maintenance time and cost.
  9. Baiting occurs via sterile, sealed, separate Extender Pod (use less bait and quicker time till colony destruction).
  1. The TermiteMansion™ V11 is sent to you completely assembled, ready to install.
  2. TermiteMansion™ V11 are either (a) placed on the soil surface (with timber stake pushed into surface) with plastic bottom level with surface, or (b) buried with the top of lid just below surface (especially in turf when need to mow over top or need to install under paver), or (c) we would recommend installing with lid above surface which keeps lid timber in best condition and makes installing Extender Pod easier.
  3. We recommend that TermiteMansion™ V11 are placed at intervals between 3 and 5 meters AND are concentrated in areas where termites are most likely to be found foraging (in heavy wooded and damp areas). The average size home is adequately covered with 24 TermiteMansion™ V11.
  4. TermiteMansion™ V11 are inspected at 3 month intervals until termites are detected. Once detected, Extender Pod plus QueenKiller (with water added) is attached to TermiteMansion™ V11 (see QueenKiller™ V11 User Manual).

Items needed: Small hand shovel/trowel, permanent marker, pen and paper for map and inspection log.

  1. TermiteMansion™ V11 should be placed minimum of 100 cm from the structure to avoid potential exposure to pre-existing insecticide treatments and not under eaves or where sheltered from rain. TermiteMansion™ V11 should be placed no closer than 3 meters apart. Number each TermiteMansion™ V11 with permanent marker and create map for later location.
  2. TermiteMansion™ V11 can be installed in any garden area where at least 20 cm of soil exists, with preference for gardens that are heavily wooded, shaded, mulched or moist. In other words anywhere that a large concentration of tree roots exists. Grass areas are not the ideal environment, although if necessary the TermiteMansion™ can be installed a little below ground level to allow grass mowing.
  3. TermiteMansion™ V11 should always be installed in shady, rather than sunny areas if the choice exists. In full sun areas cover with 10cm plus rock or half a brick or similar.

Clay soils: If installing in clay soils a slightly deepened hole will allow for water drainage and then extra depth is ideally filled with coarse gravel or similar.

N.B Preference for placing evenly spaced in straight line around the perimeter of your home has no scientific basis. It is much better to place in Moist Cool Spots. Termites do track under cement slabs but do not spend time foraging for food. There is no scientific reason to core drill slabs or remove sections of pavers unless all more appropriate areas have been covered.

STEP 2: INSTALL either a) or b) or c) (or combination)
  1. a) TermiteMansion™ V11 is placed on the soil surface (with timber stake pushed into surface with your boot) with plastic bottom level with surface or slightly below. b) TermiteMansion™ V11 Install when need to mow over the top or need to install under paver. Dig hole 15cm deep by 10cm wide. The TermiteMansion™ V11 is placed in the hole and then pushed into ground firmly until desired depth is achieved. Back fill hole and firm soil well around TermiteMansion™ V11. It is important that TermiteMansion™ V11 is firmly in ground. When time to add Extender Pod it will be necessary to clear around TermiteMansion™ V11 to allow at least 1cm of rim after Lid removed to attach Tape to seal Pod to TermiteMansion™. c) OUR PREFERENCE FOR INSTALL OF TERMITEMANSION™ V11. Dig hole 10cm deep by 10cm wide. The TermiteMansion™ V11 is placed in the hole and then pushed into ground firmly until desired depth is achieved. Back fill hole and firm soil well around TermiteMansion™ V11. It is important that TermiteMansion™ V11 is firmly in ground. Pour approximately 2L of water over whole unit as this will help with the securing of unit.


  1. Number top of TermiteMansion™ V11 with permanent marker and record on house plan for future reference.
  2. Repeat for each additional TermiteMansion™ V11 until installation is complete.

Inspection of TermiteMansion™ V11 occur every 3 months (more frequently is not necessary). The first inspection can be 2 weeks after installation but then revert to 3 monthly inspections as overly disturbing will deter termites from getting established within the TermiteMansion™ V11.

  1. Always carry TermiteMansion™ Extender Pod in plastic covering it comes with to allow immediate installation if required. Simply lift lid and observe either termites or termite mud (or nothing). When active termites are found, baiting with Extender Pod plus QueenKiller™ plus water should commence (see QueenKiller™ User Manual V11).*NOTE: if lid timber is moist or shows signs of deterioration or has any mold growth (and every 12 months), then replace.**NOTE: timber stake should also be replaced with polystyrene insert if it shows sign of deterioration or has any mold growth.
  2. If no active termites or mudding, the inspection lid is returned.
  3. Every 12 months (or after termite attack and colony elimination) the timber stake and lid timber is replaced with new and TermiteMansion™ V11 moved at least 30cm to a new location.
BAITING TERMITEMANSION™ V11 (see QueenKiller™ User Manual V11)

Termite Feeding can take up to 12 months and 12 sachets of QueenKiller, with average of 4 months and 8 sachets of QueenKiller (depends on species, age of colony and distance of colony nest from Extender Pod). 


Replace both Lid Timber and Timber Stake/ Polystyrene insert at the conclusion of colony elimination and return to new location.

Whether you have been treating termites for years or have never seen a termite before, we have a termite treatment solution for you.

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