Termite Protection DIY Timber Inserts x 18

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Need Minimum of one pack to rotate timbers that come with Termite Mansion 18 pack and Complete Home System. That is replace the inner timber of all Termite Mansions at 6 months with fresh timber. It is possible to rotate the inner chamber timber with set and dry and use again at next change.


Termite Protection DIY TermiteMansion Timber Inserts are used to replace the inner chamber timber inserts of all TermiteMansions. These replacements come in packs of 18. Timbers are replaced after termite attack and treatment and when above 30% moisture or every 6 months.

TermiteMansion timber inserts have resulted from years of field testing to determine what is preferred by termites in design and consistancy. The balance has been found in early pick-up with preferential tasting timber. Replacement Timbers also maintain termites long enough to discover with long lasting timber until QueenKiller is added.

Timbers inserts are rotated with dry set every 6 months. If timber has not been effected by mould or fungi, it is placed in sun or low temperature oven till completely dry and then stored for next rotation.

Termite Protection DIY Timber Inserts are specifically made for termites that eat our homes

The design encourages early detection and long term consumption. Timber is chosen for early preference over other food preferences and long term consumption.

TermiteMansion Timber Inserts can be used in TermiteMansion Starter Kit or TermiteMansion 18 Pack or other Termite Monitors with TermiteMansion Replacement Polystyrene Parts x 6.

The TermiteMansion is designed for the few species of termites that attack the timber in our homes. These subterranean termites are sensitive to light, changes in atmosphere, changes in temperature and have a preference for dry timber as found in your home. The TermiteMansion offers the ideal conditions. Whereas the traditional monitor after about a week in the ground is full of water and timber is covered in moulds and fungi.

The TermiteMansion as a result is not just a home, but a mansion. We have created a mansion that termites love and is unlike other monitors where they find and quickly leave. Once you find that there are Termites in the termite inserts it is extremely easy to apply QueenKiller to eradicate the queen and colony.

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  1. Katrina

    Easy, replacements to use! We recommend again.

  2. Phoenix

    Used after 10 months. Easy as!

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