QueenKiller Termite Baits 3 Pack with Treatment Pod

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QueenKiller™ Termite Baits is unique for two reasons, firstly termites prefer it and secondly the Treatment Pod provides a sterile and ideal environment for consumption. Resulting in Faster Colony Eradication using less bait. Taste is important but also is keeping them eating until complete colony elimination.


QueenKiller™ 3 pack with Treatment Pod

QueenKiller™ Termite Baits Sachet 100g By 3.

Treatment Pod With Attachment (Straw, Double-sided Adhesive Patch and Foil Tape) by One.

Detailed Instruction Manual.

QueenKiller™Termite Baits 3 pack is purchased when consumption has slowed and still more bait is required. The majority of termite colonies will require more than 6 sachets of QueenKiller™. When active termites are found and baiting is starting, it is best to purchase a QueenKiller™9 Pack

Termites prefer QueenKiller™ over other bait because of size of particle and flavour of bait when made up with water.

The QueenKiller™ consumed by termites is immediately passed through colony and to the Queen. Once Queen has consumed, colony consumption increases and colony death will follow. Time from initial consumption to colony death depends on many variables, including termite species, colony size, distance of termite baits to queen.

The FIRST method of using QueenKiller™ Termite Baits is when you have termites in a solid timber structure that is firmly attached to the ground (like your home). When termites are found in a structure it is extremely important to not disturb them or use any chemicals on them prior to using QueenKiller™ Termite Baits.

In this method the Treatment Pod with QueenKiller™ (with water) is attached directly to active termites within timber via the Straw, Double-Sided Patch and Foil Tape.


The SECOND method of using QueenKiller™ is when you have termites in the TermiteMansion™. In this method the Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ plus water is attached to the rim of TermiteMansion™ directly.  

QueenKiller™ is completely safe for your family, your pets and the environment.

This QueenKiller™ Termite Baits pack comes with detailed instructions on how to use for the complete novice.

Baiting termites with non-toxic growth inhibitor termite baits is the only method to completely remove the threat of termites for good.

Other methods of termite treatment rely on toxic chemicals that work by either blocking termite entry or partly killing the colony.

As a result these other methods can and often do fail because of installation error or mechanical changes like tree root entry or a mains water leak.

3 reviews for QueenKiller Termite Baits 3 Pack with Treatment Pod

  1. Amanda Doyle

    Was going to give it only 4 stars because termites ate it so quickly had to order more but then I read that I should have ordered 10 pack in the first place, so not sure now. But termites certainly love the stuff!

  2. Sophie

    Such great value.

  3. Paul Vale

    Thanks, great instructions and very clever product, was quoted almost $4000 to do what turned out rather easy!!

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