Easy Termite Bait 9 Pod Pack (900g)

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Easy Termite Bait 9 Pack Pod suits the elimination of an average sized colony. Premium taste and quality combined with Pod that provides sterile, ideal conditions. This is the perfect system to allow colony elimination and not just suppression as with other systems. Easier, Quicker, Safer, Cheaper.


Easy Termite Bait (ETB) 9 Pack

ETB (9 by 100g Pods).

Pod With Attachment (Straw and Double-Sided Adhesive Patch) by 9.

Detailed Instruction Manual.

This ETB 9 pack will kill an average sized colony.

Termites prefer Pod with Attachment over other bait (and other timber) because of size of particle and flavour of bait when made up with water.

ETB with non-toxic growth inhibitor will completely eradicate the threat of termites for good.

Other methods of Termite control either rely on colony suppression or colony blocking.

Pod With Attachment once consumed by worker termites is immediately passed through colony and to Queen. Once Queen has consumed, colony consumption will increase, and death of Queen and Colony will follow. Time from initial attachment and consumption to colony death depends on many variables, including species of termite, size of colony and distance of bait to queen.

Pod With Attachment is the only device which makes termites feel 100% secure due to sterile, ideal conditions.

ETB is used in one of TWO methods.

The FIRST method of using ETB is when you have termites in a solid timber structure that is firmly attached to the ground (like your home). In this method the ETB Pod (with water) is attached directly to active termites within timber via the Straw and Double-Sided Patch.


The SECOND method of using ETB is when you have termites in the TermiteMansion V12. In this method the Extender Pod with ETB plus water is slipped onto the rim of TermiteMansion V12 directly.  

ETB is completely safe for your family, your pets and the environment.

Also, Easy Termite Bait comes with detailed instructions on how to use for the complete novice.

13 reviews for Easy Termite Bait 9 Pod Pack (900g)

  1. Jade Ellison

    After panic set in when found termites in home and getting quotes that I simply couldn’t afford, spoke to Darren and explained what was required and gave me confidence to diy. So happy with all the honest help.

    • Darren Pentland

      Great job and thanks for feedback!

  2. Imogen B

    Super happy with results and great support

  3. John and Katrina Smyth

    Termites love it and took about 8 weeks until completely destroyed every termite on our big property. Have paid for inspection since and they couldn’t find a single termite. Everybody was very impressed.

  4. William Jennings

    Very easy to use and completely removed termites from my home. Have now purchased the Mansion monitors as recommended. Very happy with price as well.

  5. Jamie

    I had an active termite infestation about 10 months ago which I had treated with chemical sprays. I was not confident that they had been eradicated. I installed termite mansions around my house and one of them now has termites (very close to where they first appeared in my house). I was sceptical that this product would work, but feel relieved they I can take a proactive approach and kill them before they come back inside my house.

  6. John Feldon

    Very happy and extremely impressed on effectiveness and how easy to use Queen Killer Bait. Took 4 bags and 4 weeks until no more termites and have just had my builders back in and checked house from top to bottom and can’t find a single termite. Not to mention I saved myself $2500 on cheapest quote to have others do it.

  7. Katrina

    Do yourself a favour and feed your termites QueenKiller! We tried 2 types of Termite Bait sold on ebay and our termites didn’t touch one at all and had very little of the other. Very frustrated because a local Pest Man told us he recommended one of the baits that didn’t work. Then a friend (Thanks Rob) told us about these guys and now no more termites 🙂 6 Stars.

  8. John Brooks

    Absolutely brilliant. Had so much conflicting advice until got the instructions with Queen Killer and made it so simply. Save yourself a bucket of money and stress and try this gold 🙂

  9. Ian C

    I was so confused until I found you guys. 7 bags and 7 weeks and termites all gone. LOVE the QUEENKILLER.

  10. Gen Mccconnell

    Great instructions answered most questions and then fantastic customer service responded quickly! Most important termites ate bait quickly and all termites gone after 2 months!?

  11. Matt Bower

    Great stuff, very easy to use and saved myself thousands. Had an “expert” inspect my house again and couldn’t find any sign either in the house or the fence at rear.

  12. Elise Jonas

    Termites love Queen Killer. Thankfully haven’t needed in my house but I had the Termite Mansions (12) in the ground for 6 weeks and had termites in 3 of them. Added Queen Killer to them and all of it disappeared within 2 weeks. Added more and again most of it disappeared within 2 weeks. After that they were still in all but like instructions say mostly eating out of one Termite Mansion. Took about 2 months and almost 6 sachets of Queen Killer and all gone now. Thanks Darren for your wonderful support.

  13. R G Johnston

    Have tried a number of products on the market without much success, that was until now! Not sure whether it is the method or the taste but my termites love it! A big thanks!

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