Termite Spray

Termite Mansion and Queen Killer, a better alternative to termite spray

Termite Spray is not designed to treat termites already in your home or treat termites in a fence or log pile

Termite Spray/ Termite Liquid is either classified repellant or non-repellant. Repellant is exactly that, designed to repell termites from a structure but not reduce termite population much at all. Non-repellant is designed to over time become undetected by future termites. However non-repellant termite sprays when originally mixed up are very detected by termites and they will avoid them completely. As a result termite sprays cannot be used on active termites. Termite sprays also have limited use on reducing numbers as they simply avod them or die too quickly to pass the chemical to their colony members.

Is Termite Mansion and Queen Killer safe for pets and humans?

There is no danger whatsoever with contact or consumption for you or your pets. The Chemical in Queen Killer has no hazard or danger rating. The made up bait is considered to be less dangerous than Table Salt.

Does Termite Mansion and Queen Killer kill all termites in the colony?

Yes, Queen Killer, Kills the Queen and the whole colony. Unlike other systems that only target termites passing through a termite spray chemical, Queen Killer is a food and therefore gets passed through the whole colony.

Will this hurt my garden?

No this will not hurt your garden, nor the organisms in it, as with termite spray. The totally non toxic bait when used properly doesn’t even contact the soil and is maintained within the Termite Mansion.

What if my land is large how can I calculate the amount of Termite Mansions that I need?

You need only to protect timber structures by placing at 5m intervals around the dwelling, not pump thousands of liters of chemical termite spray near your family.

What if I want someone to install Termite Mansion for me?

We have contractors throughout the world that exclusively use our products. However if you can plant a small pot and can spare 5 mins every 3 months then you will have no trouble using Termite Mansion and Queen Killer. You can contact us here