Termite Control

The Easiest, Quickest and Most Effective Termite Control System

1 Install TermiteMansion™ V11

2 Monitor TermiteMansion™ V11

3 Attach Extender Pod with QueenKiller™


Install the Termite Control System

Installing the TermiteMansion™V11 is the best protection for your home against termites



TermiteMansion™V11 monitoring is a very easy process. Simply open the system to see if termites are active. The TermiteMansion™V11 monitoring is done once every three months. The whole process for an average sized home with 24 TermiteMansion™V11 takes less than 5 mins / four times a year.

The TermiteMansion™V11 are exactly that, if there are termites around your home then they will love the TermiteMansion™V11. Termite control using  TermiteMansion™V11 is like a surveillance camera for your home that can detect termites


diy termite control

If you find termites, attach Extender Pod with QueenKiller™

If you find termites are active within one of the TermiteMansion™V11 then it’s time to diy termite control with Extender Pod and QueenKiller™ . Did you know that the only way to remove termites and the termite colony is by removing the queen? That’s right once you take out the queen the colony will collapse. That’s where Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ comes into play. Simply attach Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ to the TermiteMansion™V11 and they will consume the specially developed food, taking it back to the queen and knocking her dead.

If you have already found termites within a timber structure, it is still easy to diy termite control. Using the Treatment Pod with QueenKiller™ , simply attach directly (with provided straw, double sided adhesive patch and foil tape) to the timber structure with termites inside.

Why is TERMITEMANSION™V11 the most effective termite control and eradication system?

A Mansion for Termites

The TermiteMansion™V11 is specifically designed for the few species of termites that attack the timber in our homes. These Subterranean Termites are sensitive to light, changes in atmosphere, changes in temperature and have a preference for dry timber. These conditions are found in your home and in the TermiteMansion™V11 (not as in the typical monitor after about a week in the ground). As a result we have given them not just a home, but a mansion. We create a mansion that termites love, so if they are in the area they will come and feed and stay for long enough to find and treat. Once you find that there are Termites in the mansion you attach Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ to eradicate the termite colony.

Targets the Termite Queen

The TermiteMansion™V11 uses Extender Pod with QueenKiller™ which, revolutionises the act of killing the colony by killing the queen. When termites are found in the TermiteMansion™V11, you simply attach the Extender Pod which returns the unit to a sealed system.
Baiting is then simply making up a sachet of pre-measured QueenKiller™ with water. The Baiting process continues every 2 weeks until the queen is killed and no more termites appear.

Eco friendly and Safe for the family

The TermiteMansion™V11 is the safest and most ecologically favourable termite control product on the market. It only targets those termites that cause a very real threat to your home and wipes out the entire colony without placing chemicals anywhere near your house, family or pets.

Makes inspection easy

The TermiteMansion™V11 revolutionises the process of inspection. No longer is the lid twisted which results in the whole unit twisting and disturbing any starting or existing termite activity. The lid is lifted and if no termites or mud is seen, the lid is replaced and we move on to the next TermiteMansion™V11. The process takes about 5 seconds and is performed every 3 months. The average property with approximately 24 TermiteMansion™V11 should therefore take about 5 mins to inspect, 4 times a year.

New Technology and Research

TermiteMansion™V11 is the first design of a termite monitor based on current scientific knowledge of termite behaviour.
In the market place, many ineffective termite monitors have been based on a 25 year old patent which may partly work. However it usually takes months (sometimes years) for termites to begin feeding at the stations in significant numbers. Plus once consumption has occurred, it can be interrupted or terminated relatively easily, putting your house at risk and giving you a false sense of security.

ThermaI, Moisture, Light Control

The TermiteMansion™ V11 attracts termites from installation due to its thermal properties and condition of timber stake (large and firmly held, termites detect even larger than actual) and as a result recruit faster and larger quantities.

Please Note:

Although TermiteMansion™ V11 are more attractive to termites than your home, it is important that Regular Inspections of your home are made to insure that termites were not already in your home prior to installing the TermiteMansion™ and conditions don’t change to make your home more attractive such as a water leak.

Finally there is an eco friendly and safe way to effectively eradicate termites

TermiteMansion™V11 offer the earliest method of detecting the presence of these subterranean termites prior to entering your home or other timber structure.  All alternatives for termite protection require, as part of any warranty that Annual Professional Termite Inspections are performed. These Annual Inspections are based on detecting termites once they are already in your home.
At last we have an alternative to discover these damaging pests while they are foraging outside your home in their natural environment. Finally termite control means eradication not having to live with termites on your property like other systems,

Get started today with a TermiteMansion Starter Kit.