Termite Treatment Cost is now affordable by all using TermiteMansion and QueenKiller

Termite Treatment Cost at less than all competition and with 100% Total Colony Elimination. Further they can safely and easily be used by the homeowner.

TermiteMansion and QueenKiller are Products owned and developed by Easy Termite Control (ETC) ABN:16 584 813 595.

A Termite Treatment Cost at 10% of other methods

To date badly designed Termite protection and Termite treatment systems were best done by professionals. However this completely changed with the easily and safely used TermiteMansion and QueenKiller. They are able to be used by the homeowner at a great termite treatment cost.

The Easy Termite Control team combines both scientists and specialist termite control professionals. Our team develop products with one goal in mind, protecting your home with safe and easy to use products.

We manufacture all our own products including TermiteMansion. Our small batch sizes means that we can make changes easily and quickly as new knowledge is learnt. You wouldn’t buy a family car designed 20 years ago, so why buy a termite protection product using ancient technology

All our products are tested in the field by us and our trusted partners in various locations and conditions. Nothing is released to the market until we are 100% satisfied. We constantly strive to improve the current version, while still maintaining the termite treatment cost.

We now export our products to over 10 countries. The team live and breathe termites and their control and have been either researching termites or removing termites from Australian homes for over 20 years.

We truly believe that TermiteMansion and QueenKiller are the leading technology in their markets and are priced to make them available to all home owners.

Whether you have been treating termites for years or have never seen a termite before, we have a termite treatment solution for you.

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