Queen Killer Termite Bait 15 Pack

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Enough Queen Killer for most situations but contact us for larger quantities. Queen Killer is the only bait that comes in light resistant sachet and attachment device so ready to use. Yes taste is important but very little is achieved if feeding is interupted as occurs in inferior systems.

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White Ant Control Queen Killer Termite Bait 15 pack

White Ant Control Queen Killer Termite Bait Sachet 100g x 15.

Attachment Device for Sachet by 5.

Detailed Instruction Manual.

This pack is purchased when treating a large colony or a colony with multiple Queens.

Queen Killer is prefered by termites over other bait because of size of particle and flavour of bait when made up with water.

White Ant Control with non-toxic growth inhibitor termite baits is the only method to completely remove the threat of termites for good.

Other methods of White Ant Control either rely on colony suppression, colony blocking OR do not give a clear indication whether colony death has occurred, as with termite baiting.

Queen Killer Termite Bait Sachet can be attached directly to active termites in home using attachment device.

Queen Killer once consumed by worker termites is immediately passed through colony and to Queen. Once Queen has consumed Queen Killer colony consumption will increase and death of Queen and Colony will follow. Time from initial worker termite consumption to colony death depends on many variables, including species of termite, size of colony and distance of bait to queen.

The patented Queen Killer Sachet is the only device which makes termites feel secure due to light resistance and air-tight seal.

If using Queen Killer Sachet outside in direct light we recommend covering sachet with aluminium foil or similar to block out all light. To further encourage faster consumption, cover Queen Killer Sachet with a damp cloth to maintain uniform temperature.


Queen Killer is made up and tipped directly into Termite Mansion.

Can be used in both Termite Mansion Starter Kit or Termite Mansion 18 Pack.

Queen Killer is completely safe for your family, your pets and the environment.

Queen Killer comes with detailed instructions on how to use for the complete novice.

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