TermiteMansion Extender Pod by 3

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TermiteMansion V11 Extender Pod by 3. Used when TermiteMansion™V11 becomes active with termites.

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TermiteMansion™V11 Extender Pod should be used when TermiteMansion™V11 becomes active with termites. The easy to install pod simply fits over the active TermiteMansion™V11, providing a sealed environment for termites to happily feed on QueenKiller™. See TermiteMansion™V11 User Manual.

The TermiteMansion™V11 is designed for the few species of subterranean termites that attack the timber in our homes. These subterranean termites are sensitive to light, changes in atmosphere, changes in temperature and have a preference for dry timber as found in your home and in the TermiteMansion™V11 (not as in the traditional monitor after about a week in the ground, full of water and covered in moulds and fungi). The TermiteMansion™V11 as a result is not just a home, but a mansion. We have created a mansion that termites love and unlike other monitors where they find and quickly leave, if they are in the area they will come and feed and stay for long enough to find and treat. Once you find that there are Termites in the mansion it is extremely easy to attach Extender Pod and add enough QueenKiller™ to eradicate the queen and colony.

The Pod is designed to slip over active TermiteMansion™V11, after which the monitor lid with termites feeding on it and QueenKiller™ is placed inside and then the zip lock closure returns the Pod to the perfect environment for fast and efficient consumption.

The Pod makes makes baiting a fast and easy process for the operator and speeds up colony and queen eradication.


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