Termite Monitor 18 Pack

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Not sure if you have termites or want to protect your home from getting termites? This is the Pack for you. Now you can detect and remove termites years before they get anywhere near your most valuable asset. The TermiteMansion 18 pack will safely protect your home with only a few minutes of your time every year. Easier, Quicker, Cheaper.

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TermiteMansion (18 Termite Monitor Pack)

Termite monitor system creates a cool spot with its surrounds. Cool Spots attract local termites to investigate and feed on timber inserts.

The average sized home is protected by this pack.

This pack also contains a sachet of QueenKiller which will only be used if you have termites in your property. Once you use the QueenKiller you will need to purchase more. If you already know you have termites we recommend you purchase the Complete Home System rather than this pack.

The TermiteMansion will determine whether you have termites. Due to design it detects termites faster than any other system. Once inside the TermiteMansion, the ideal conditions will hold the termites long enough to consume enough bait, to kill the queen and whole colony.

Starts working on installation and continues working until all termite threats are removed from your property.

TermiteMansions are embedded in the top 15cm of soil around your home. Installed at intervals of 5 metres and other wooded/ shaded areas where termites are most likely to be found.

The TermiteMansion Termite Monitor and QueenKiller Bait is the easiest, quickest and cheapest termite removal system.

All other termite control systems work on either suppression or placing a barrier against termite entry into your home.

The traditional termite monitor due to its thermal properties actually repels termites for large periods of the day.

Pick up only dangerous termites outside your home. The TermiteMansion only targets those termites that attack our homes.

The TermiteMansion is the only system that will feed and maintain termites long enough to treat the entire colony.

Monitoring your TermiteMansion is a very simple process. You open the lid to see if termites are behind the clear window. This is done once every three months. The whole process for an average sized home with 18 TermiteMansion takes less than 5 mins / four times a year.

We guarantee there is not a better complete treatment system available. If you are not completely satisfied, we provide a 90 day money back guarantee.

It only takes a few minutes to install and then only a few minutes a year to protect your home.

TermiteMansion Termite Monitor, 18 pack includes:

  • TermiteMansion Version 9 x 18 Termite Monitors.
  • The TermiteMansion User Manual.
  • QueenKiller Bait Sachet 100g x 1.
  • QueenKiller User Manual.

11 reviews for Termite Monitor 18 Pack

  1. sam

    After plenty of research I found termite mansion to be the best solution. I’ve had the monitors installed for around 18 months and have termites feeding from the queen killer bait for the second time. These work and are super simple!

  2. Michael Peets

    Exactly as described, very happy with system and will keep recommending to my friends. Also great support for any questions. Thanks

  3. Greg Peterson

    Have known for a while that termites are near by in old stump and same hard wood fencing and 2 years ago purchased another so- called best selling DIY Termite product. Has done nothing and termites don’t touch. Thought it was time to cut my losses and try something different, did my research and found your product. Within first month of installing your product I was treating termites. Very happy with product and can highly recommend.

  4. Owen Franks

    I actually returned some monitors back to you about 18 months ago which you accepted without any fuss and refunded my credit card immediately- many thanks. I have now bought your latest product which because of smaller size is more like the monitors that i am replacing. Not sure if they are as good as your amazing reviews but will definately let you know. By the way delivered in 2 days.

  5. Katrina S

    Well done. Thought the old system would be hard to beat but you have done it. was a bit worried when I saw the price had come down! Amazing, keep up the good work and I will keep spreading the word.

  6. Rob Anderslaw

    Best on the market because it actually works when all the others tried did nothing. Save your time and money and get some of these.

  7. Karen

    First time user of the product. Very easy to install. Great service and feedback. Will continue to buy replacement timbers and killer bait if it and when necessary. Thanks guys, you are great to deal with.

  8. Phoenix

    Very happy with my termite mansion. Incredible product. Don’t waste your time with anything else.

  9. Bob Martin (Moree)

    Have had ongoing issues with termites for years both in and around home. Within week of putting mansions in, had termites in them and within 6 weeks of using queen killer, couldn’t find a termite anywhere which has never happened in last 20 years! Yes very impressed

  10. Cranky Craig

    Some say I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but your white ant killers are exactly that and S#*T EASY to use. OZZY White Ants be scared VERY scared!!!!!

  11. Elise Jonas

    Great monitor, had termites within first inpection and very easy to add Queen Killer via 2 lids. Would not consider myself particularly ‘handy” but I find them user friendly with great instructions.

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